Personal Styling

let me thrift for YOU!

personal styling is just that - me styling you and thrifting for YOU! all you have to do is fill out this form, i'll reach out to you to confirm the order, and that's it!

i'm SO looking forward to working with you!


here's how it works:

1. fill out the google form here. the more detailed the better!

2. i will reach out to you confirming via instagram or email to confirm your order, ask any additional questions, etc.

3. send over half of the payment via venmo for me to start the style bundle!

4. wait for your personalized style bundle to arrive in the mail!!! :) second half of the payment will be due when it arrives!


additional info:

- give me around two weeks to put together your bundle. i want it to be perfect, not rushed!

- pricing accounts for my time, sourcing very specific sustainable pieces, and the product itself. i will always be more than happy to work with anyone on pricing as long as i feel the price being offered to me is still taking all of these things into consideration!

- i cannot guarantee extremely specific pieces will be included in your style bundle, i.e. an 80s KISS band tee. certain pieces are much harder to come by. more general ideas and looks will work best, but of course, send me a few specific details and i'll absolutely do my best to find what you're looking for!