It was time for a change.

by Geordan Hay

Gean Vintage??? Let's talk.


When I first bought the theme for this website and saw it had a little "blog post" area, I almost instantly deleted it. There was no way I was going to have any use for it. Aaaand just as fast as that initial thought came on, came another saying YES, you probably do in some way. So I kept it and brainstormed for a good three minutes before I decided I was definitely keeping it. Because I started this business completely on Instagram, there was really nowhere for me to put down a TON of words or thought. I know my attention span on social media lasts a good two seconds, as does yours. I'm trying to scroll, not to read or think. But over the last few years, I've had a ton of questions and conversations that do deserve to be talked about and shown to others who maybe want to start their own business, or are trying to figure out what to major in in college, etc. etc. etc. I'll be using this space to just put these types of things down. If you're into it and want to hear more, great! I would love your feedback and ideas on what you'd like to read about. If this is the only piece you'll read on my website and just want to look at clothes, GREAT. Now that I've explained this blog section, let's get into why I am now Gean Vintage.


If you've been here for a while, you know I started out as "Thanks! It's Thrifted." If I'm being honest, I put almost no thought into this name in 2019. I wasn't considering any type of future with this brand, who I might be in one, two, three years. I mean seriously, I didn't even actually know if I would still be doing this in three years. But HERE WE ARE, still kicking (thank YOU ALL x1000 for that)!!! And so as time went on, as I met more people, had more pop-ups, and grew as a brand altogether, I knew I just didn't connect with this name anymore. A LOT has happened in three years, and though I took a HUGE risk by completely rebranding and letting behind a name that built the foundation of my brand, I'd been DYING for a change. I just felt... stuck. It took months and months and months of brainstorming until I created something I absolutely LOVED.


For those who don't know me, my name is Geordan, pronounced Jordan. My mom got creative and combined my name with my grandpa George, and great-grandpa Dan. I've always loved the way my name is spelled, and knew I wanted it to be incorporated into my brand somehow. After months of absolutely no ideas, I sat down one day at my kitchen table and tried to simplify it as much as possible for myself. Think of something in the fashion world that starts with a G or J... Jeans. I love my vintage jeans. Never wear anything else. 


Wait. Yes.


Jeans. Jeans... but with a G. Light bulb, light bulb, light bulb. INSTANT wave of relief and so much excitement at the same time. I knew this was it. I called my family to tell them the news, and while they weren't ENTIRELY sold on it to start, I'd already made up my mind. I texted my best friend Rachel, someone I've looked up to for years, and she said, "I love it. I think I love it even more without the S???"




I fully realize this might not be the CRAZIEST thing you've ever heard since my business itself isn't changing and it's actually a very simple name. You might be like... THAT'S it??? Um, you thought of that in three minutes. But yes, this really took MONTHS of thought. I wanted something that I felt was original, unique to me, and something I could continue building on for years to come. Because I plan on doing just that.


It was bittersweet closing such a huge chapter of this business. "Thanks! It's Thrifted" will ALWAYS mean so much to me. Growth doesn't always have to mean change, but it did for this brand and I, and I am so thankful to finally be here, ready for bigger and better. I am so grateful for the love and support. 


Here's to many more years of growth for us all.